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What recent students say about the course!

Nitish - Pilot, Nz

The video lectures are simple to understand yet makes us learn the complexity of the markets. Came to know through Instagram. Never hesitated to contact Arvind to clear my doubts and he never fails to get back. I'm more than satisfied and would definitely recommend this!

Soumavo - Trader, Ind

This course is a goldmine, to generate amazing profits! Tried and Tested. I have been a full time trader for 1.5 years now. This has completely changed the way I see the markets. This course of 5000, can change your life trust me!

Ranganathan - CA, TN

For someone who was a more than a little skeptical about stock trading, this course really helped me.A ton of appreciation to Arvind for making sure that I am not listening to a very rigid professional course but rather like listening from my friend who has experience in it. There are a lots of excercise and activities for us to do which makes us put some practical aspect from the learning we gained.


Do video lectures actually work?
There is this big misconception that a live face to face session is better, but, with a cloud based series, people have consistently reported better understanding to us, and you can replay it any number of times. With the modern day needs and skewed work-life balance, you can Binge like Netflix. Just that, you learn here, than just laughing along to a recorded laugh track on a retarded sitcom.

How to do the enrolment process?
Go to the respective Courses from the top, and register for the course. You'd get the course sent to you, within 24 hours.

How much profit can I make?
This is the wrong question. The right question would be how much you are willing to risk. If you are willing to take minimal risk, you can make 10% per trade very easily.(Which our Masterclass specialises in) If you're willing to risk more of your capital, sky is the limit. We've had people making 30 times!(Though we strictly never recommend it)

Can I get a Discount?
Really? Take a look at our prices. We'd gladly price our courses for ₹5, if we were selling samosas
(On second thought, quality matters, so, even that would be at least ₹15). The courses have far more value than courses that are sold for over ₹50 thousand.

How much capital will I need?
There is no requirement of any minimum capital, only a mind to learn is required. But, we would suggest at least ₹5 thousand to start with.