We have three unique Offerings

  1. Recreational Trading

    If you're looking to learn what is in store, how the markets move, how to analyse their moves, and do small recreational trades with a medium timeframe in mind, say, buying and selling after a couple weeks with a good 10% profit. (This is 100x the best Fixed Deposit that is available out there!)

    Trading 101 - A grassroots program

  2. Trading Masterclass

    The course loved by all, and rightly so, as this has everything that you'd need to trade everyday. You can trade anytime, any market, and in any instrument with this. Taking just one trade a day, People generally double their capital in a month (Just to quip in, even without re-investing the profits, this return is way above 12x the greatest returns of any mutual fund ever recorded!) But, don't see the return numbers now. Don't get greedy. Earn is a part of Learn.

    Trading Masterclass - A comprehensive trading program

  3. Nah, I'm good with just Investing

    For those who are new to finance, and don't know to pick the right winning stocks, here is everything they'll ever need. A simple course, that will make you pick out winners, everytime, and most importantly, alert you when the stock looks doubtful! But, what about the returns? You can safely double the capital in a year. SAFELY! If you're looking to invest in Mutual Funds, and you can afford to spend just 1 hour per month, this is the best fit for you and your future!

    Value Investing - The pocket course of Sensible Investing

Done, I'll take up Trading Masterclass!
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